For me Cs Cart is very difficult to modify and develop, and no help. How do you learn it?

If I have a problem with CS Cart or I want to change something I post in the forum and get 0 replies.

How do you learn CS-Cart?

Do I need to learn Smarty or MVC? or both, in order to develop for CS Cart?

Ive been working online for many years and never had a problem with any other software, but with CS Cart its all templates, so i dont know where to edit anything.

If I need to change a button location, or move links around…I CANT. And no one knows how.

So how do you learn CS Cart?

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[url=“”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation



thanks, bit say I need to add a link inside a block, or change the order of links block, like if I want to make 1 specific link on top, and another one under it, how do I do that?

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation not there.


[]add an html block

]add some text

[]click the link button

]add url


hope that helps - i have found the forum very helpful

You need to learn a little about html and css and you will find how flexible cs-cart is. :)

Hi selectcase, thank you but I didnt see any links.

cscartrocks. I know html and css, but if I want to change something I dont know where to go.

For example, Say I want to edit something on the page where a vendor lists something, on another software they would use a page called, for example, addlisting.php

cs cart doesnt do this. theres no actual page to change things. so its a big hassle anytime I want to change anything because i dont know where to go.

Have you tried cs-cart design mode?

Design->Design mode