For all those requesting new mods

I’ve noticed a few on the board requesting mods for various features, and pointing out “x-cart had this, my old cart had this” Some features I can see being used by all, like the UPS mod, but others seem to be geared only towards their site and possibly not much use to others.

So I just wanted to inform you that CS-Cart does have paid customization service that you can take advantage of.

I’ve used it, it’s fast, reasonably priced and great quality work. I don’t expect them to implement for free every feature imaginable, so this is a great alternative.

I agree…the cart should be a great BASELINE, but not a total solution for every possible storefront known to man…

I, for one, want a ROCK solid, fast, base coded store, that can be built off of, and not some slop thrown together and slow and bloated.

I have used their custom service on a site. Great work… I wouldnt say fast turn around. but great work and IT IS AVAILABLE. can’t say that for any other cart software.


An API application allows for rock solid core, yet almost every stinking mod known to man to be created and ALL operate smoothly and efficiently.

I for one am looking for an API base application to rock my world.

Listening cscart? Make this an API based platform and you will own the planet of carts by the short hairs for sure.

then everyone will have their cake and eat it too, lol