Fn.images.php error

I had to recently change server IPs for my store. I have updated the config_local.php to reflect the new IP.

Admin side seems to work fine, however my storefront I get the below error listed about 20 times before the page loads.

[QUOTE]Warning: Division by zero in /…/core/fn.images.php on line 52[/QUOTE]

I’ve tried the following to resolve, but without luck:

  • upload all my images.
  • revert to previous version and reinstall to 2.14
  • run /admin.php?&cc

    I now find myself stumped and in need of help… help :slight_smile:

    The problem appears when selecting a category of products or a product. It doesn’t appear when selecting an article or news item.

You have MAX_FILES_IN_DIR set to zero or not defined in your config.local.php file. Apparently you dropped some things during your upgrade.