Fn_Get_File() Size Limit


I am using fn_get_file to return a 30MB server side generated zip file to a user, but it fails to download with the message..

"WAFGf5Pm.zip.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read."

If I reduce the size of the zip file, it saves fine.

My server configuration has an NGINX proxy in front of apache (for caching), would there be any particular server config that might stopping it? I wouldn't have thought 30MB would be too much for the system to handle... unless it is a memory issue?

Has anyone dealt with larger file downloads and fn_get_fil() calls?



I think the issue is that it is chunking the file and the file I am sending has been created outside of the webroot... makes sense now...

However, generating the file inside the webroot, doesn't solve it either... not sure...