im using

fn_attach_image_pairs(‘product_main’, ‘product’, $product_id);

im able to insert image with my script fine using the function and by forming a request .

the problem is . some of my products do not have images …

are there a way to get a status code back from the function …

i would like to check to see if :

true a image was added

or false a image was not added …

i need to run some other code if no image was added after the function was called .

what would be the easiest way to check without using alot of memory or cpu cycles ?

can someone please chime in ?


Did you already read my thread about images? I use that same function for some stuff on my site.


On a side note, I really don’t understand what you are trying to do. You are saying the product images aren’t getting added from the Product Addition in the backend and now you want to run some php checks to make sure the images are there? ANd you want to use fn_attach_image_pairs () ?