Flyout Category Menu Covering homepage Site layout Flash

Hi- I have dark white template and the flyout category menu on the top and the left seem to be hidden behind my flash banner on the homepage site layout. Is there a way to bring the flyout menu on top of the flash. If I use a photo instead of a flash banner the flyout menu works fine. I am attaching a photo so you can view what I mean.

Please note: I am a newbbie to any type of coding so if you can explain w lots of detail that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

thanks so much!



I think you’d want to change the z-index of the side menu to higher number. This should put the menu above the flash.

Hi~ thank you for responding! Where do I find the z-index of the side menu? I’m a newbie not sure how to fix this or where the z-index is located?

thank you very much!

AlmondJJoy :wink: