fly categories

i want the categories box to fly. Follow the scroll

like this site (it is in greek, but you can scroll to see that the categories is following the scrolling)

i think this is good for any shop

Do this:


Find Categories which is usually on your left column and click the + to expand the options. Click “Edit”

Choose “Emenu” for the Filling setting and Appearance Type

Oh nevermind… I see what you are referring to by scrolling

I Like it :cool: :cool:

sorry for my english. maybe i didn’t explain very good what i need to do. You may visit and scroll to see what i am saying about

anyway thanks a lot for your response racingsolution

For the basic skin in the default installation it’s pretty easy to do this for the whole left column. I’m not sure if this can be done for just the categories, but it is a start anyways.

In your skins/basic/customer/styles.base.css on line 656 you should have:

.left-column {
float: left;
margin-left: -966px;
width: 171px;

Just change it to:

.left-column {
float: left;
position: fixed;
width: 171px;

This works for FF. Not sure about the other browsers, especially IE 7.

I hope that is what you were looking for.


thanks a lot brandonvd for your reply

as you said this is working only with basic skin.i coundn’t make it work with electro skin yet , but i am working it. (In electro skin, the whole left-column disappear when you set position:fixed; both in style.css and style.base.css files)

Anyway you gave me some ideas of how to fix it and thank you for this

For the electro skin, you also have to remove:

.left-column {
margin-left: -972px;

On line 404 of your styles.css

Hope that helps.


brandonvd you are the best.

i had tried to add a “position:fixed” to style.css but with no result again. i didn’t thought to remove that line (…margin-left…)

now i will try to set static only the categories and not the other boxes.

thanks a lot again

This is a really cool “looking” feature but really I don’t know why you would want to add this to your site. It’s the same principle as Wal-mart putting the milk half a mile in the back of the store. They know you’re going to buy it going home from work, so they make you walk past everything to and from the milk.

Same reason you don’t want this on your site. One, you loose your left side to advertise and you have know reason to scroll back up your page to perhaps have something catch your attention. Just a thought but if you’re going for cool versus business, then go for it.

However, I think you want your customers scroll over/past everything as much as possible.

It is cool though.

Edit…It’s cool to see everybody helping and didn’t mean to crap on the party just something to think about. It would be better to have this same thing on what use to be the mini cart on the checkout page. Have it follow you down the right side of the page. Anyway, Sorry for the interruption.


you meight have right derbytown502

a “following cart” is better than a following categories. and users shall surf the page…

I meight make something using the code from dynamicdrive (see static menu here)

thank for your opinion. anyway i posted this topic because it is a pretty good feature for some sites and somebody else whats to know how to do it

thanks again