Flipbook On Product Page


[color=#000000]I would like to insert a flip book into the product so the customer can click and open to view the book like here.[/color][url=“http://fb.signature-gifts.co.uk/flipbook/?Product=AL”]http://fb.signature-gifts.co.uk/flipbook/?Product=AL[/url]

[color=#000000]I want this to be on my own website. We have permission to use the flipbook url's like the example above. Apparently this can be done by using fancybox?[/color]

[color=#000000]The company who have given us permission to use their url's like the example above have also given us instructions below to complete this.[/color]

[color=#000000]Is this possible with cs cart?[/color]

This is simple to implement by following the instructions below.[list=1]

[]Download the latest version of FancyBox from [url=“Premium JavaScript UI Component Library”]http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/[/url] and copy the contents of the “Source” folder into a folder called “Fancybox” within your website. This should include a jquery.fancybox.js, jquery.fancybox.css and a number of images.

]In the header section of your page, you’ll need to load jQuery and FancyBox by adding the following 3 lines (Please note, jQuery should be loaded before Fancybox):

[*]Add a link to the page with a class of “fancybox-html” to open eg: Your Letter To Santa
That’s it, the flip book will open without taking the user away from your website!


Example HTML for Fancybox Flip Book

Flip book in Fancybox Test Page

Your Letter To Santa