Flash Player??

I’ve got a GoDaddy site seal on my homepage which, if it’s working properly, should scroll my site name across it.

Ever since I downloaded Flash Player 10, my seal just doesn’t want to work on FF3, but it works fine on IE7. It also doesn’t display correctly on FF3, but again looks fine on IE7.

I’ve asked GoDaddy for support, but they don’t seem to understand what I’m asking them.

Can anyone help? :confused:


I’ve now discovered that flash player is working on FF3, but my GoDaddy seal just won’t work, or display properly.

What I don’t know is if the code for the seal isn’t set correctly for FF3 (if that’s possible). If anyone out there uses FF3, I’d really appreciate it if they would let me know if the seal is showing correctly on their screen.

Working fine for me on FF3.

Thanks Gregh…

I dunno now… Maybe I need to go back to Flash Player 9. :frowning:

have you tried clearing template cache through your admin area?

Tested and working fine for me on FF3, 2 IE6, 7 Opera.

just a point, have you UPGRADED your browsers flash player? or are you referring to the desktop standalone?

Hello Jesse Lee

It was me who asked for your help through CyberLNC this morning.

I updated my flash player through the Adobe site (they sent me an upgrade pop up).

The Flash upgrade (10) works through IE7 but not FF3.

I think you reproduced the same problem through your own browser.

Sorry, my previous note wasn’t quite right. Flash Player 10 is working through FF3, it’s just my GoDaddy seal that isn’t! :rolleyes:

Oh… and clearing my templates cache doesn’t work either, I’ve tried :slight_smile:

There’s seemingly an issue with flash files being published for Flash 9 players being read by Flash 10 enabled browsers. I think they’re fixing it, but I can’t be certain. I’ll willing to guess that GoDaddy are aware of this issue but there is little that can be done to my knowledge.

PS: I’m assisting with CS-Cart related issues with CyberLNC now for those who may have been confused.