Flash Banner Doesn't Work Right

I put a flash banner in my site, but for some reason I am having trouble with it. With Firefox the flash sometimes doesn’t load and with IE6 and IE7 the first time the page is loaded the links don’t work. If you click on a link and then go back to the home page the flash links work fine.

I don’t know if my explanation is enough of not, but if you check out:


You will see what I mean.

This is the code I put into my welcome.tpl file:




This is a xml driven banner and the settings.xml file looks like:

timer = "100"


I appreciate any help you guys can give.



The follow script is missing so that can stop the entire page loading at times.


Additionally every page load is 200kb, rather hefty if you ask me.

Add to cart and category menu’s work at first load (IE7)

Not sure what else I can do, seems to run extremely well to me apart from the speed obviously.

Thank you for looking at my site Jesse. When I upgraded to 1.3.5 sp4 I must have forgot the preview.js file. How did you know I was missing the file?

I turned off a couple of addons, so hopefully the speed will be better now. Honestly I am not quite sure how to reduce my page load, so I guess I will have to look into it.

As for my flash problem though, it still isn’t fixed. The problem only happens on first load with a clean cache. Basically when the page is loaded the links in the flash banner don’t work. Once you go to a product or category and then come back to the home page the links work fine.

As far as I can tell this is my only problem.

If someone can help I would appreciate it.


The Thickbox modification that you have active…

I’m presuming that you’ve got the modification that ensures that it loads only on the product pages?

Since you upgraded did you also reimplemtn all the thickbox files?


I think there might possibly be a few lines of the thickbox mod, but I actually switched over to the Fancyzoom mod that Zardos did.

I couldn’t get the thickbox mod to work with the configurator so that is why I switched.


fancyzoom / thickbox = the same coding, except difference javascript implementation (to a certain degree)

Although I’m not 100% what is happening just there have you considered cloning your store and placing that flash into the basic skin?