Flag orders

I would like to be able to flag orders and then search by flag. This would be handy on backorders where just 1 item was backordered (instead of marking the entire order backordered which messes with inventory) or orders waiting for paypal echecks to clear. I tried making a new status for this, but it seems I have to choose either increase or decrease inventory. I’d like to do neither… I thought about adding a field for “neither” but I’m a little worried how this would affect if I went from “open” to “flagged” in terms of what happens to the inventory. I’d like to be able to flag but not affect order status…

We really need to have the ability to have statuses which do not effect inventory.

It will most likely not get you what you want immediately, but I would ask the developers how to accomplish this. Maybe they can provide a fix.


In a way we need two sets of status??

Position with regards to the customer - which is what we currently have.


Position with regards to internal operations.

Goods ordered - due in one week

Goods in production


Maybe the notes box could be used in someway.