Fixed WIdth New Vision Yellow

I am trying to fix the width to 800 wide. I have used the forum search and have been able to reduce the width to 1024, any lower than this and I begin to lose certain parts of the page, little sections just seem to dissapear.

Can anyone explain how I can get this to be 800 pixels wide.

Also, I have a strange little gap at the very bottom of the site, I will leave a link but to let you know it has adult content on should you be at work or an insecure partner.

Thanks in advance.


Besides bringing in the total width of the site, you also have to “squish” the content, left column and right column. By doing that, everything should all come in together and look good.

I realise that but how do I go about doing that?

Can anyone answer this question in a bit more detail? I need to understand how to make the CS Cart New Vision Yellow 800 pixels wide?

I have now established that I need to squish the right and left sides as well but have no idea how to do that, can someone please explain what I need to do?


You should be able to ‘squish’ them by editing the styles.css left and right column sizes.

.left-column {

border-right: #bcbcbc 1px solid;

border-top: #bcbcbc 1px solid;

width: 190px;


.right-column {

border-left: #bcbcbc 1px solid;

border-top: #bcbcbc 1px solid;

width: 190px;


To something less than 190px. You may have to adjust the font sizes as well.

Thanks Roban.

Being a non coder, I can’t find the code to sort the left and right sides out?

I have opened the file styles.css but I can’t see that code anywhere?

You can’t find that code? Try line 755