Fixed width for Aquarelle red

Hello gentlemen

I need to get the Aquarelle red centred and with 995px width. Any ideas please?

Thank you.


Try this it works on 1.3.5 SP4 version, i don’t know about 2+ version, but lets try.

ON Style.css at the very beginning of the code “1st line” write down the code written below

div#wrapper {
top: 0px;
width:1000px; /* set to required site width */
background-color: #ffffff;

Thanks, but doesn’t work. Graphic is wrong, top part missing and some other issues. I tried with IE8 and FF 3.5 Any other ideas please?

Thank you.

I want to upgrade my csc to new version on this case, but i don’t have much time, but what you can do if you are using firefox just install the addon “Firebug” for editing css, this will help you to play with all css files.

Just hint see the “Width” on style and style.base.css

I found it in styles.css. I had to comment out only “100% width section” top and bottom, then changed in the “fixed width” section in WIDTH to 995 and it works. So far so good. Thank you guys anyway :wink:

I also had to adjust a line in styles.base.css. The container width.