Fixed price Shipping Help


Ive recently started useing cscart (v2.2.1), i need to set up the following shipping options

UK - free

EU - £3.00

Worldwide £4.00

I think i've sussed setting up seperate fees for seperate areas

however I can't figure out how to bypass the postage calculators and just set a fixed price shipping fee

probably a noob question but please help as ive just started this job and its losing us money.

Many thanks,


Go into locations and set up 3

1 UK by adding UK in the country location box and click save

do another for

2 Europe…not sure if Europe works on its own but if not just add each european country 1 by 1 ( as for worldwide below)

and another for

3 Worldwide, but there isnt obviously a country called worldwide so you have to add each country name from the box on the right to the box on the left.

so now you have created 3 locations which you will see when you go to the delivery tab window in the next step

Then go to shipping and add a delivery method, call it waht you need.

then in delivery charges tab select at the top “UK”, in there put cost dependencies

“more than £0” = “£0”

more than “£0.01” = “£0” click save

then choose Europe at the top and add

“more than £0” = “£3” click save

Then same for worldwide.and your done

dont forget to add any weight limits if you need them


thank you, really clear instructions,

im usually a bit of a techie but but these shipping costs completely flummoxed me