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Have been working on it all week guys, almost done. Tell me what you think, anything you hate about it? I’ve been selling laptops on ebay for the past couple years, and recently became a Toshiba Preferred Partner, so I’m really excited about getting this going.

CS-Cart community has been great, just using the search tool I’ve managed to figure out 95% of my problems. Thanks to all who posted solutions to problems!

Something I was wondering, is their like a webring in here, where we link each other’s stores? It would be great for SEO.


Good looking site, the only thing that lets it down a little is the header, looks a bit messy in there with the dots and stuff, I had the same problems and took a lot of time to get the colours matched etc. Any help you need just shout.


Too much like every other CS store…

Im sorry to be so critical, but yeah it looks nice, because the CS template looks nice overall.

It needs a little more character, something to make it unique and stand out from all the others !

I would also move the price ranges mod higher, above site info, maybe also move live help to above all the categories, or below manufacturers & price range




Price Range

Live Help


Live Help



Price Range

[quote name=‘SWS’]Too much like every other CS store…

Im sorry to be so critical, but yeah it looks nice, because the CS template looks nice overall.


Don’t worry to much - it is only cs-carters who spend all their time looking at cs-cart and so get really bored of it.

Rome was not built in a day. A decent cart and product is a good start. GL.

But to join in the feedback, My thoughts are a stronger and simpler header. Move the low price over the top of the computer picture. Maybe change the computer picture. If your main target is the home user and laptops then I would have a single monitor and or laptop.

Same if true - move the 4 main kinds bit- above the advert - which I found a bit over bright and dominating.

Looks good overall, but if I were you, the info you have on the welcome page will not be there(4 kinds of computers), instead I will create another menu Like I did before with 1.3.4 version. You want to make Your feature page what the customers are looking for-----low prices, stocks, and varieties. Also the discount message looks cool. Good Job! You are getting there…keep it up. If were a customer, I will surely buy from your website because it doesn’t look like baby page


Under Categories Plasma TV’s is mispelled…

I like the way you did your configurator with the ad on the home page…


Thanks Mike, I will take care of that. I like this forum… Well done guys.

Sincere thanks for all the feedback guys, it really is appreciated. I like the critical comments, no apology needed. :smiley: After all we’re reviewing each other’s sites to make them better. So I welcome any one on here to tell me “f-w-t sucks!” just please make sure to tell me why. :wink:

Your ssl seal is static. Some customers are curious and want to know if the seal is actually valid. Meaning it should be clickable and redirect you to the issuer validation page. Personally, that is what I check first on any website before I even register to make a purchase. Just my point.

Hey just to let you know that “Send to friend” module addon has some issues. I guess robots can get hold of it somehow and spam you to death. I don;t know exactly how but thats what I read somewhere here in the forums.

Version 1.3.5 has image verification for the “Send to friend” module. I would turn that on as a minimum defense against spammers.


I am looking at third party seals, just don’t know which is the best price/value. I can link to Toshiba Direct too to show that I am a preferred partner, but unfortunately the user has to put in 33774 zip code manually for me to show up. =(

Also I think you guys just solved my CBL problem, I was wondering why my mail server kept getting listed even though everything was clear. I think the send to friend thing might be what’s doing it. Do you know how I can disable it for now? I’m running 1.3.4 sp2.

Thanks again for the excellent suggestions btw!!

Take a look at Add-ons->Main. Uncheck the checkbox for “Send the page link to a friend”.

You should also take a look at these two threads:

MOD: Form Image Verification (CAPTCHA)

E-Mail Spam