First Visit Special Offer / One Time Offer Module

First Visit Special Offer / One Time Offer Module

I need " First Visit Special Offer " function.

( Limited Time Offer / Short Time Offer / One Time Offer )


*Only 3days!! 25% Discount!! For Only First Visit Guest.

( For All Products )

( I can make One time offer for only 1 page by myself,

But now I need this all of products’ Cs-cart pages

So I need someones help)

*Countdown type

*Ditect first visit customer ( cookie )

*I need this each product details page

( Discount price )

I would like to make BENEFIT to call customer’s action.

And I need to make TIME LIMIT for their decision.

My shop in Japan have this function and it’s increased

number of sales. This system made my conversion UP.

So I would like to have in Cs-Cart also.

Especially for selling expensive products. It’s work.

For Regular Customer I can inform discount offer

( CAMPAIGN ) or News information by e-mail as backend.

But for the First visit customer I can not contact again

If I lose the first chance.

If you know this kind of Module or Service.

Please inform me.

or If there is no this kind of Module

Please make it for me.

( Not too much expensive price is grateful )

If it is expensive,

after other my project is finished I want to have.

( Right now I need expense for other project too )

I need information about it.

PM is welcome.

Thank you in Advance.


Hello samurai,

I suggest that you should use the “Use available period” option in the “General” tab when creating a promotion. When this option is enabled, you should define necessary dates in the “Available from” and “Available till” fields.

As regards applying a promotion for a customer only once, you should use the “Once per customer” condition in the “Conditions” tab when creating a promotion.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Dear Pavel Zyukin,

Thank you for your advice.

I did not know about this function of Cs-Cart until now.

I am glad to know that you have it.

I will try it.

If I have question about it, I will ask you again.



Hello samurai,

You are welcome.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team