Firefox issue with cscart

right guys, please help, in chrome and ie, my banners are fine, but in firefox they go right off to the right of the screen and stay there.

how do i fix this issue?!

please help!

can you paste a link?

sure, check in firefox

Could it be the size of it. It looks under firefox a little too big to fit in the gap so it's being pushed out to the side. Maybe just try sizing it down a little.

hi crazy bag, how do you mean? you mean use css to resize the banner?

your image is 950 but slider is only 940, try your image at 940


.homepage-banners {

margin-top: 50px;


Hi guys, thanks for the advice but where do i make this change? i look and its all 940px.

anybody know where im supposed to make the change?


fixed it, thansk very much people!

So what was the fix? I love that slider in the banner.

it was the margin top bit, i had it at 20px when it shouldve been 50px.