firebug problems?!

I cant seem to get firebug to do what I need it to do.

Trying to change a font size on my homepage on my website.

Using firebug to determine where the script is located but Its been awhile since I have used firebug and I cant get it to tell me what file to look in for the change.

Thats my website.

You'll notice under the banner that is being scolled there are 2 drop down categories named

“Parts Lookup by Model”

“Main Accessory Categories”

These fonts are to small. If someone could help me determine where the files are located or better yet remind me on how to get firebug to tell me that would be great.


I'm no css guru. but it looks like if you look your styles around line 6690 you might find the following

.dropdown-box a {

outline: 0 none;


add a font-size there to look like this.

.dropdown-box a {

outline: 0 none;

font-size: 200%;


But search your site to see if this effects anything else. hooks would be great, if I knew how to use them.