Firebug and file locations

Hi :slight_smile:

I have been using Mozilla Firefoxes’ Firebug addon to inspect and clarify many elements of my CS Cart.

The Forums and CS Cart have been extremely generous and very helpful.

So I want to ask them less and less about basic/common issues, and prefer to do things myself.

BUT … I can’t work out where many of these elements exist.

I must be missing something or reading the program incorrectly.


The Closed Store Gif. I want to find it and change it

Firebug tells me this;

The store is temporarily closed for maintenance

The store is temporarily closed

So where do I search for this file?
(FTP - Under Public HTML)
I've looked
* under the file 'Images'
* under the SKIN I am using.

I finally found it under the direct www folder in my FTP program, but I had to look in almost every folder!

Another example;
The 'SAVE' Button when selecting the shipping options in checkout.

Firebug says:

I want to change it to "SAVE and CONTINUE"

Firebug gives me heaps of info under style, but the word SAVE isn't showing.
The rest (HTML) is very detailed, but where would I look for file to alter to make changes.

Can anyone guide as to where I might see the folder or file locations under Firebug.

Thank you for any help :)

Finding the exact phrases is tought. Because of how CS-Cart works it pulls up information from everywhere.

I use Adobe Dreamweaver to help me. With it’s search function I can search a single file, whole folders, or my whole site. By doing this it has helped me tons.

Now for the save button, most of the buttons are in the skins/your-skin/customer/buttons folder. The save button file is actually called save.tpl The code is:

{include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_name=$but_name but_text=$ but_onclick=$but_onclick but_href=$but_href but_role=$but_role}

The part that controls what it says is:


The way I see it you have a couple of options. You can either change your language variable in your admin or you can change this code and add your own language variable.

The con with changing the language variable is that it will be changed for your whole site including your admin. Personally I’d just change the code and add a new variable. To do this you would:

In your admin => Content => Languages Click on add language variable. In there add:

Language variable: save_continue
Value: Save and Continue

To change your code, you’d just change:




As for finding everything else, it just takes some time and you’ll know where everything is, for the most part.


Thank you Brandon.

I thought it was me going crazy, but yes there is a lot of info in Firebug, which is good, but I can see the problems with finding file locations.

I have used Dreamweaver a lot in the past.

How do you use it to read CS-Cart?

Do you install a local copy and read it?

Now I followed your guides ( thank you again )

But I’m not getting the save button changing as yet.

What you suggest makes perfect sense, create a new language variable and then guide the tpl file to point to it :slight_smile:

I have cleared the Admin cache

See my screen shots.

What have i missed?

lang save button.jpg

lang save.jpg


lol… Store_closed.gif is hardcoded into “store_closed.html” located in the folder of cs-cart (same one as config.local.php)

Thanks Jesse Lee Stringer. :slight_smile:

I can see that now.

But Firebug wasn’t clear enough for me to be sure, so I wandered around.

I mean ask me to restore corrupt data from a hard drive, setup a network or teach a class on PC hardware repair … easy

But Websites and coding … not familiar, but I’m learning :slight_smile:

Well, I guess I was wrong about the save button. Aparently for the checkout the save language variable is actually called up from:


The easiest way to do this is to open the file and search for:


and replace with:


There should be 3 instences of it.

As for using Dreamweaver, I have a complete copy of my site on my computer here and I use Xampp to do all my local testing before I upload anything to my live site.

I just set up a site within Dreamweaver and point it to my local installation. One of the cool things about this is that when ever I make a change I am able to test it here on my local machine by usually just refreshing the page. If my changes are what I want and they function right then I upload the file(s) to my server.

I am actually in the process of making some changes that Jesse recommended me to do and boy am I glad I am doing it on my local installation instead of my live site because I have really messed things up a couple of time and had to turn to my live site for a backup for my local installation.

Anyways, I hope all that helped.


Thanks Brandon :slight_smile:

I’ll play with those settings, really appreciate your time!

Yes I’ve used Xampp when I was playing with other free carts before I went with CS Cart.

I’ll get Xampp setup again, as the site I have have is live and I am cautious to make too many changes :slight_smile:

Worked Perfectly!!!

Thanks Brandon :slight_smile:

Yeah the last thing I want to do is make some type of ****py code change and then make it so my customers can’t view the products or checkout or something.

Even though I don’t get tons of sales, everyone counts and I don’t want to loose any especially to something stupid that I’ve done.


Hey Brandon :slight_smile:

My site is ‘live’, but it’s only just started, we are shifting from Exhibitions/Showrooms to Online sales.

So I have a bit of time to tweak and adjust before I fill the site with much more stock and we start promoting.

I have been using my wife’s CS Cart, that’s installed but not stocked as yet, as a bit of a testing ground.

PLUS I have 15 pages of very detailed notes, step by step so I can undo almost any changes. With file backups etc

But Xampp is ideal, I can’t believe I forgot all about it !!