Finding the files in order to change the text

Thanks to advice from some wise and generous people here, I’ve been editing Text using the Languages section found under the Content tab. However, I now find I need to edit a file directly since I’m hoping to add some formatting to the text. Specifically, the copy in the customer’s notes section right after confirming the payment and shipping. I’m hoping to bold one line and then add on the next line another sentence. Right now, both are in the same font and on the same line.

Where exactly are these “language” files located? I can’t seem to find where these files are, so I don’t know where to start editing.

Thank you

The language files are actually stored in the sql database. I am pretty sure you can add the formatting you want in the language file. To bold text, put before the text and just after it.

your text here

If that doesn't work, what you could do is download your skin files then do a full text search on those files to find where that language variable is called.

Wow, thanks novista. that worked out great. It never occured to me to try formatting in the languages section. thank you very much for the tip!