Finding Hooks

I am new to hooking and I’m having a hard time finding hooks or blocks that I can attach to while writing an addon.

I have tried searching through the template code looking for elements such as {hook name=“orders:product_info”}. I make a file structure as follows: /var/themes_repository/basic/templates/addons/pg-countdown/hooks/orders/product_info.pre.tpl. But it doesn’t work

I have /var/themes_repository/basic/templates/addons/pg-countdown/hooks/index/content.pre.tpl which works on the basic and responsive theme, but then it doesn’t work on a purchased theme. (vivashop).

I’ve ended up just searching through other addons and hoping I find a hook that will work for me. I have read the documentation and spent a lot of time trying different configure of file structures and file names.

Please advise, thanks.

We do not recommend to use the “themes_repository” directory during the development stage. In this case, the files are copied to the theme only after the module is installed. Please use the “design/themes/YOUR_THEME/templates/addons/pg-countdown/hooks/index/content.pre.tpl” instead. And do not forget to clear the templates cache