Finding Class in tpl's

I need some help finding the information for the classes in the tpls. Here is my code from [color=#FF0000][font=Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]blocks/static_templates/logo.tpl[/size][/font][/color]:


{** block-description:tmpl_logo **}


I am trying to find out where the css is for class="logo-container" and class="logo". I want to get the logo to be aligned at the top or the vertical middle. I looked in the styles.css, but I cannot find those classes. I know I'm looking in the wrong place, any help would be most appreicated.

Learn to use Firebug. It is your friend.

If you are using FF (with Firebug extension) or Chrome, right click the logo and select “inspect element”. Both Chrome and FF will show you the css properties and files related to the selected element.