Find out version

How do I find out the version of CS cart I am running. Will it tell me if its a commercial or community license too?



Thank you, I have CS-CART: version 2.0.15 on one website and CS-CART: version 2.1.4 COMMUNITY on another.

Is the first one the professional version? (I didn’t buy it, someone else did for the company I’m trying sort it out for)

Is there any place I can find the log of changes between the two? I am trying to install the Austere skin from the first version onto the second, but I’m having problems.

Cant do it, the second being the community version only has limited skins, I think it only has the Basic


So it’s not even possible to install anything new? I’ve tried to upload it to the folder and it recognises it, but I think that because they’re 2 different versions the skins wasn’t compatible and was showing up error messages.

I might have to just stick to my old version.

Where can I find the change log for the professional version?

You can update the community version to the Pro versin (paid) and then you can do what you like, the change logs are on the cs cart website.


Is it possible to downgrade from the pro the community?

Also, when exporting the database, is it possible to export the store settings too, and not just the catalog?

Hello, J1mmy

If you upgraded your CS-Cart Community Edition installation to Professional Edition, you can revert it back to the Community Edition in the future if you want.

As regards creating a database backup, you should select all tables with the “cscart_settings_” prefix to include them in a backup file.