Finaly i am going to buy cs-cart BUT

Hi i am finaly going to buy cs-cart. i hav bin using the comunity edition for a wile now to get to know it and i feel like i know it to an extend ware i can use and maintain it now.

so i was going tru the buy process but got stuk wen trying to deside if i sould take 30 days of technical support assistance (recommended for beginners).

or 40 support credits

any recemendations? i am not a programmer but i have fixed a few errors and edit some of the files. so do i need the 30 days or shuld i get the 40 credits?



Hello, BaDTaG!

If you plan to ask many questions within some period, it is better to choose 1 month, if not you can choose credits.

Here you can find more details of our support service: Customer Support for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Users | 2.8 out of 3 User Satisfaction | Full Customer Care Service

If you are already running and know some stuff, go for the credits.

why donot you have a 30 days trial and collection the questions, most of them maybe basic ones.

my experience.

Thanks for your help i have desidet to go for the credits. i have ofcurs bin running cs-cart trail and community edition to test it all. and the few problems there have bin i could fix my self or whit help from post here on the forum. (and must i say a wary good forum inded)

ps sorry for my bad spelling not my main spoken one :o)