finalised new template for client


We just finalized a new client development for ShockDoctor in Australia

It deviates a bit from any standard CS cart template so i thought I share it here.

It is a responsive design and works on desktop or mobile device.




I'm new to CS-Cart and I want to know if there are anything to take into account when developing a responsive storefront theme like the example you posted.

I'm planning to build a new storefront from scratch using html/css and JS. Would it be straight forward to use my new custom theme with CS-Cart?

Thanks in advance.

Well, when i went to the site I was surprised. Some things good some bad. So hee is a list:

social media buttons on the top are right on top of the login/registar button.

social media buttons on left are overlapping the text links

nice images but I thought they would link to either detail page or to a catagory

strange and confusing how the page is laid out.

Sorry but got to give it a D for usability.


Looks great. I don't see in IE 10 what [color=“#0092c7”]dsdewitt[/color] is seeing. Maybe resolution or different browser. Maybe the company logo just a bit small

can't reproduce any of Dave's comments images link to product detail pages, nothing overlapping on our end on browser and versions we tested. Dave what browser and version where you using?? agree with zeero in regards to logo problem is they need to display both logos shockdoctor and silvaback one is company one is brand

When I went and looked at the site, I was on a win XP machine running ie 8. I went back and check again on this machine and it still is in disarray. ( See attached screen shot). If I go to a win 7 machine and use chrome, firefox or ie 10 I have no problem.



Yes, I can confirm. Template is not functional in IE8.

I like the scrolling Testimonials. That is very nice.


yes the page has not been optimized for IE 8 as per clients requirements.

IE8 does not really support many standards of today like jquery 2.0 and getting responsive designs to work in IE8

is a pain and quite cost intensive.

Many big providers like Google Apps and Disqus have already stopped supporting IE8 so it realy depends on what our clients request.



Like it… well done.

Have no idea why somebody gave the OP a minus, so I put it back to 0 :)

Thanks Flow

here is another recent release of a re-design for one of our long time customers