Filters v3 - is it just me ?

I installed version 2.* some time ago but didn't get time to finish the site. I started again with 3.01 about a month ago and I've got most things done.

But one thing I can't seem to do now which I managed to do in v2 is a simple button to switch between “show only in stock” and “show out of stock”.

I've looked in the knowledge base as I'm sure this is where I found the info before. Sadly I don't seem to have the options that tells me I have when it come to filters. Can anyone tell me the way to add a filter which will toggle between show “out of stock” and hide “out of stock” items.

I've now got to the point again where I'm thinking of dropping the project using cs-cart it's so frustrating. I can't seem to get the hang of doing anything in-depth, making blocks, add dynamic content and this was one reason I choose it in the first place.

3.0.1 filters appears to be broken. Best to wait for 3.0.2

Seems to be a lot broken in V3, why release it if it's not ready to be used ?