Filters not working right

I have filters set up for my products and I’m having some issues.

If you go to:


You can see that I have a few categories of different wattage bulbs. I also have filters set up using product features. You’ll notice that one filter is the Base Pin Configuration and in that I have square pin and straight pin.

You can see that there are 5 straight pin and 28 square pin products.

What my problem is, is that when a feature is clicked all the categories stay up. I would think that using filters, if a feature is clicked that isn’t in a category than that category wouldn’t be displayed. Apparently I am wrong.

Is there any way to fix this?

Also, Sno, if you are reading this, will your shop by features addon fix this?

I hope I am clear enough on my problem and I hope someone can help.

Thank you,


How do you have your filter set up, Brandon? I have filters on my site, too, but when I click the specific feature, I get a page that shows as “Search Results” and not the category page. I’m wondering how you have your filter set up vs how I have mine set up.

Here are two screen captures - the first one shows my filters on the left (under my categories) and the second one shows the results when choosing “Rabbit” from the “Treat Variety” filter.



Going live with 2.0.8 on 2/1/10!

What I noticed and didn’t like is even when I click on straight pin it

should say you are viewed the results for “straight pin” ect…, so I know

what I’m looking at, it just does nothing right now, I have to view the

product and then view the features to see that indeed it is straight pin,

this should be fixed by default…


There are a couple of things that change but they’re not easily recognized as the search results.

  1. The breadcrumb trail indicates the type of pin.
  2. The “Narrow Your Search” list shows the type of pin selected.

    Again, though, these are not very intuitive and can easily be missed by customers. I wish, even in my own cart, that some of these things were a little more intuitive.



    Going live on 2.0.8 on 2/1/10!

When you filter the products, the products that match the filter show up, but the customer has to scroll down to see them. I missed it at first and thought I had the filters set up wrong. Then I realized that I had to scroll down, which sucks.

What needs to happen is when a filter is used for a category / subcategory with no products is that only the categories with the right products show up.

Also, you might notice with my filters that if you use the filter, say straight pin, the products are shown when scrolled down, but if you click on a category that doesn’t have the right products all the products in that category are shown. You’ll also notice that the filter is still “on” even though the wrong products are shown.

What it seems to me is that the filters work great on product pages (categories with products), but they don’t work on category pages with subcategories and no products.

I’m going to post this on the bug tracker. Who knows, maybe CS-Cart can fix this.

If anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear them.


it works just fine. and what i think is that you need to make your cataegory photos smaller or same size all of them. or just dont use any photos for the sub categories.

because when you click on the future it finds the items with the specific word inside the category.

lighting / bulbs…

so that means you have the products in both categories. lighting and bulbs.

obviously it will show up both categories on top first (sub cats) and then the products.

so its working fine. and plus this way you are giving your customers a choise to choose other categories. i think your problem is like i said " your sub cat photos.

there is nothing wrong with the cs cart in your case.

I agree with Silverbestbuy. I think this is functioning as it should when you go from a category page. If you are at the Sub-Category page where only products are listed it then filters the products it displays.

Well the problem with this is that if you go to:


and use the filters like “straight pin” the products that match are displayed, but yet the categories that don’t are still shown. For example the Metal Halide category.

The filters should elemininate the categories that don’t match, but they don’t. It doesn’t matter if the categories have images or not.

Maybe I’m wrong, but the filters should help narrow down the choices.


Maybe or only use filters on the sub-category page that displays products. This is how companies like Newegg and do it. They don’t offer the filters on category pages.

Yeah, that’s a possibility I guess. It wouldn’t be that hard to change.

I just want to make it as easy as possible for my customers to find their item, add them to their cart, and checkout.

Let’s face it, the easier and faster it is for a customer to make a purchase the better.

I think I might send a pm to Joe and see if he can’t come up with something. If he does, hopefully he’ll allow me to post the “fix” on here.