Filters Created From Categories


Say you have two categories A & B, that could be considered of equal 'status' because they're different ways of describing the same product with a different concept.

Maybe customers would choose 50/50 between these categories to initiate a product search.

Category A --> subcategories [ a1, a2, a3 ........ ]

Category B --> subcategories [ b1, b2, b3 ........ ]


If category A / ai is chosen by visitors then it's required that visitors can filter for bi

If category B / bi is chosen by visitors " .... ..... .... " filter for ai

In other words the creation of category specific filters of another category


One way, I think, would work would be to 'mirror' these categories as feature-filters with

the extra admin overhead.

There are some mods out there that are described as 'Categories as filters' but they have a

different functionality.

Would anyone know of a custom mod that would automates this task?


if you got this far!

appreciate any advice,