Filter via shipping


Is it possible to filter products via users IP location?

E.g user in USA, we only show producfs that ship to the USA


Doing as you suggested the solution might be a roadblock for those outside USA and wishing to puchase and shipping in USA.

What about creating a checkbox feature and add a filter named: Ship to USA and enable on products in this category.


The case you’ve provided is an edge case in comparison to the general point as we could just have an option to remove filter like etsy does

Currently we have numerous vendors who ship to different countries. Our marketing is limited for these vendors because the end user only sees all products and its not effective.

If we have the ability to filter by users location we’re able to extend marketing to key countries and the filter will show the products that ship to them. Marketing and user experience would be greatly enhances


This is what the “Warehouses” add-on can do. It comes by default with the Ultimate edition of CS-Cart Store Builder and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, and it allows you to have different quantities of products depending on where the customer is at.

If you have Ultimate, you can try and use it at no extra cost. If you’d like to try the add-on first, you can do it at our online demos: Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

But what if there are no warehouses in operation, nor any pickup points

We just want the IP address aspect that changes the products available to the customer

You won’t need to show warehouses or pickup points to customers for it to work.

You’d only need 2 “warehouses”, which will stand for

  • Quantity in the USA
  • Quantity everywhere in the world

This allows for some flexibility. A single vendor can have products that they only ship in the US, and products they ship abroad. Even the same SKU can have 2 quantities (for example, if one supplier ships abroad, and the other doesn’t).

“Warehouses” in CS-Cart are essentially additional “Quantity” fields, but they only lend their quantity to the chosen rate areas (you can consider them possible shipping destinations and customer locations).

If necessary, you’ll be able to edit any text in CS-Cart and rename “Warehouses” to something else, to make their purpose in your marketplace more obvious for your sellers.

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Hi, the US and rest of the world was just an example. To avoid going down this route, the request is more the ability to showcase products to customers that ship to their address. The customer is then able to change this

akin to what etsy do here

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OK, but how exactly do you want such functionality to work? Let’s assume that we are able to read user’s IP and determine his country. How do you determine which products should be shown? Do we go by location vendors type in their configuration?

We would use the shipping rate details. Another data that we already have. E.g country IP location = France. Shipping rate for vendor x inc France. Then show product to vendor