filter results display

When I click on a filter on the homepage, all the products show up at the top. works great.

But if I am in a category and click on a filter to narrow my search, I get my subcategories first and UNDER that, the results show up. My first thought was “doesn’t work”, but then I scrolled down. I’m sure my customers would get the same thought too. Anyone know if there is any way to have results shown without subcategories?



I think you are just seeing the standard subcategories listing which always appears when you select a category.

One possible solution would be to uncheck “Show products from subcategories of the selected category” which will keep products from showing on subcategory pages.

The other option is to modify the template so that subcategories are not displayed. I am guessing that will no subcategories displayed when a category is selected if you do this. I think the TPL you want is /customer/views/categories/view.tpl