Filter products by Category (Version 3)

UPDATE: I have finished a lot of my original issues which I removed from the post as well as #4. I have decided to keep the list of issues so I can build this into a sorta hack add-in others might find useful.

I have managed to actually get it to begin sorta filtering products by category with the below code added to product_filters.tpl but i'm hoping someone can help me fine tune it a little.[list=1]

[]I need to figure out to have it use the same limits that it does with filters so if there are more categories than the limit of filters allowed to display it will display the more link so when you click it shows the remaining categories.

]I also need to determine how to keep the categories showing if there are no sub categories it would be good to show a go back to parent category link or something.

[]I need to figure out how to update the categories when filters are selected. For example if i select the Filter by Brand and choose Nike but Nike only has products in two categories i need to have the remaining categories disappear like the filters do when you select them.

]I need to figure out how to attach the filters to the category urls. Right now its not really filtering as much as showing the subcategories only.

[]When there are no product filters I still need to display the list of subcategories if there are any. I added a partial version of the code that shows subcategories to categories_text_links.tpl so I can still show categories when there are no filters to display but I need someway to tell categories_text_links.tpl to display or not display if there are filters. If there are filters being shown then the categories will show up in the product_filters.tpl file but they also are showing up in categories_text_links.tpl at the same time. I have to figure out how to eliminate the duplicate categories_text_links.tpl when product_filters is shown. I thought simply adding a variable subcategories_set to the code like I did below would work but I guess that variable is not available to the categories_text_links.tpl template for some reason.

]I would like to make this a simple add-on that does not require manually editing product_filters.tpl and categories_text_links.tpl if possible.



{if $subcategories}

{assign var=“subcategories_set” value=“yes it is set.” scope=“global”}

Sub Categories are set



this will be great filter by category

Any screenshot of how it is looking in front end ?

Nope not till it's finished hopefully someone will be willing to help out.

Did this ever get figured out or does anyone know a decent addon for this



We are working on it and hopefully to make it as an addon without core file changes.

any news on this?