Filter by Color/features


I want to have, besides the regular categories i show on the website, a “Shop By” filter that will divide the products by color, animal type (this is a toy store), etc.

I read previous threads but couldnt figure this out.

I managed to have a filter by price, but the only other options I have for filtering are free shipping and in stock which doesnt really help.

Any ideas?

I am currently using 2.0.6 but will move to 2.0.11 soon, so answers for both versions are appreciated.


  1. Create product features for color and animal type in Catalog->Product features.
  2. Assign the feature value for each product on the Features tab in Catalog->Product (you can use the bulk edit to change multiple products at once).
  3. Create product filters for color and animal type - you will find these listed as options in “filter by”.


Thanks Bob.

I did all that, but when I come to the third step where I an supposed to create product filters for color and animal type (should be listed as options in “filter by”) - I get a dropdown list with only “Price”, “Free Shipping” and “In Stock” values (see attachment). I havent managed to figure out how to add more values to this drop down list (such as “color” and “animal type”). Any idea?

Fullscreen capture 1102010 54738 PM1.jpg

here’s the attachment again in better quality.

Fullscreen capture 1102010 54738 PM.jpg

What do you have as “Type” for your filter? I just noticed that the filters do not allow selection of single checkbox or other: text type. Try using a text selectbox.


That was it!

Thanks again.