Filling Data Questions

I am in the middle of upgrading my site/mods from 1.3.5 to 2.0.14 and confused about how the new data fills work, if someone can explain to me, it’d be much appreciated.

example: in 1.3.5, the recently viewed products have a $recently_viewwed_products that arrays the product info. not seeing such in 2.0.14.

Seems to me its called from structure.php using $schema, is this correct?

if it is,

in struction.php, I added

'recent_products' => array (
'data_modifier' => array (
'fn_gather_additional_product_data' => array (
'product' => '#this',
'get_icon' => true,
'get_detailed' => false,
'get_options' => false,
[COLOR="DarkRed"]'get_hello' => true[/COLOR]

in fn.catalog.php → fn_gather_additional_product_data,

I switched

function fn_gather_additional_product_data(&$product, $get_icon = false, $get_detailed = false, $get_options = true, $get_discounts = true, $get_features = false, [COLOR="DarkRed"]$get_hello = false[/COLOR])

I added

[COLOR="DarkRed"] if($get_hello == true) {
$product['hello'] = 'hello';

But I am not seeing $product[‘hello’] from {$product|@debug_print_var} i have in list_thumb.tpl, am I missing something?

bleh, forgot to empty out the var->cache folder, thats why.