File Upload to allow upload of pdf docs


I would like to upload some pdf documents and then make them available for visitors to download.

Is there any file upload facility within the Admin back end?

Hello, jmccann!

You can use attachments for this: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Or, if you need that the customers purhase these files, you can use the Downloadable products: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

I would like to add PDF files to Content pages without requiring customers to go through the checkout, nor do I want nor need a product to attach these PDF files to.

I manually uploaded the PDF files to the server, but regardless what location I use on the server, a 404 error is returned, despite the file path technically being correct. I assume this is caused by .htaccess rules, or the functionality of the cart, however, as using products for PDF files is not practical, I would like to know how I can add these PDF files.

I have content pages linked to PDF files for things like size charts etc, never had a problem. Is it just a 404 you are getting?


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I have content pages linked to PDF files for things like size charts etc, never had a problem. Is it just a 404 you are getting?



Yes, I have linked them in the WYSIWYG editor, such as

However, when the link is clicked it produces a 404 error, however, the filepath does exist on the server. Hmm…any ideas why?

Not a clue sorry…except maybe just a stab in the dark perhaps if the .pdfs are right protected, ( I know probably not as they are yours) and the filepath is correct 100% isnt it,lower case etc did you copy and paste it ?


Try just using a relative path like


or the fully qualified URI like:

I was using the full URL “” but this wasn't working.

Seems this was caused by an .htaccess rule customised by CS-Cart for me during the move from Interspire to CS-Cart. While Interspire uses forced capitalisation in URL's, CS-Cart does not, therefore 404 errors were produced when “.com/Category-Name” was requested despite “.com/category-name” existing, therefore had to have a few .htaccess and httpd.conf rules to convert uppercase URL's to lowercase, sure I posted the solution on this forum already for anyone interested in moving from ISC to CS-Cart.

Nonetheless, because the PDF files were Uppercase.pdf, the 404 was produced, I have now simply added 'pdf' to the list of file extensions which should be ignored by .htaccess and now it is working. Thanks for the tips nonetheless, it is appreciated.

I have docx file saved in var/downloads folder but when i am trying to download it, its giving failed:no file error or when i put the url in browser like it gives 404 not found error.
i can download images from the same folder but giving error for docx or text files
can anyone please tell what can be the issue and how can i solve it?
Thanks in advnc

You may need to add an .htaccess file to the var/downloads directory and add:

  Order deny,allow
  Allow from all

Or you might want to do it at a higher level if you're wanting to access docx files from other locations.