file size for download products

I am wanting to have products on my website that people can download. I know the limit was set to 2mb when the store was installed, but I need to up the max size. Does anyone know where to do this once the store is installed?



File uploads thru php are set up in your PHP.INI file, its a server setting, not controlled by the store.

I’m confused, then why does it give you the option to set the size of product downloads and it is set to 2mb by default when you install the store?

2mb i think is default in most PHP installs.

I would aslo guess its a way to limit the size if your host allows say 8mb files, but you dont ever want your downloads to be bigger than 2mb.

In the end, CS can say 10mb but if PHP.ini is set to less, it wont be correct.