File Organisation

I'm trying to setup cs-cart in my system and I'm lost how I should place the installation in different folders.

I would like to install a development site and a production site.

When I installed it the first time, it installed it in public_html.

Then if I wanted to place it in another domain I have to do another subfolder in public_html and point the subdomain to it.

Is it the best way to do it or should I do more something like



It would be easier to diff the two folders but I'm not sure if I should make my main domain point to another folder than public_html.

I think I found my solution. I was on shared hosting and it created addon domain under public_html.

But subdomain are created somewhere else than public_html

I recommend you to create yet another subdomain as a development environment for your needs (eg. develop.yourproject.tld or staging.yourproject.tld) and use VCS software (such as Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Subversion and so forth) to control your source code.