File Import - Product Links Broken..


I have had the trial installed for a couple of days now and i have been trying to import a product file into the store. Once i got the CSV file sorted out in Excel i imported the file and all products were imported successfully except the “Price” column was not imported for some reason… I then went and deleted all columns expect the product code and price column and re-imported and it worked for the prices.

The second issue i am having is that all the items imported from the import function are added correctly. However the links on the product page do not work and only point to “” instead of “” for the correct product. However this works after i click “Edit” on an item and then select “Save” i do not change anything and it works! however i cannot go through and “Save” each and every product…

Any help on these two issues would be greatly appreciated. If i can get these issues fixed i will be very keen to get myself a license.



I had the same issue with price. Once I put a value in the “date first added” (I think is the name) the price worked.

Also, to get the “template” for my CSV file, I went and added one product manualy to CS-Cart. Then did a product export, and used that file as my CSV for importing. Just added the correct product data. Hope this helps!