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I’ve recently purchased CS-CART,

After much though I’ve decided to post this:

I believe that it would be great use to webmasters if there was a definitive branch by branch breakdown of the over all directory structure.


Addon = Additional Features

Classes = System Requirement

Core = Processing Core Files

Images = For?

Reasons being I work within 3 Different PHP/MYSQL/HTML systems such as coppermine[], CS Cart [url][/url], HTML/Flash [] ect, ect.

A nice and simple flow chart of areas would be a great benefit.

Those who agree please post to assure the developers that it’s time well invested

Have you tried using their help desk? You have a month free support, better use it! I just bought cs-cart too and found support helpful, even got a design integration guide from 'em, which may be what youre looking for (I think it’s an absolute must have). So maybe theres a flowchart their using thats floating around out there that you can get too :), if it’s not already in this doc.

Don’t be shy and ask, their english is very good :smiley:

they are very good, can you elaborate on the design intergration you got from them, would that be helpful to others?

It would definitely be helpful to others, in fact it should be part of the download package. As explained to me, their own designers use it to (though not the part of how to code html and wc3 school I expect :smiley: )

It is not about ‘classes’ or coding php or anything like that, just for layout.

It gives a basic run down of the bits and pieces that you see on the page and what template file they belong to and some basic alterations instructions, like swapping out your logo, how to get rid of that ugly thing and basic css stuff. If you just downloaded cs-cart and want to fiddle with stuff but don’t know where to start, this is it.

i think that definatley should be included. ive spent many hours fiddling with the code to get the result i am looking for, though not as detailed as some others but i would surley appreceate that knowledge

Those that would appreciate the document please send me a pm.


[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]Those that would appreciate the document please send me a pm.


The updated design integration guide for starters is officially released and available for downloading on the “File area” page in the Customer Help Desk.