Figured out a 1064 database error

Hopefully this will help someone along the way.

Since many of the items we carry are very similar I use the ‘clone this product’ option quite a bit. After having put in a few new items I went to clone one of them and I kept getting a 1064 database error (I didn’t write down specifics on the error code, sorry).

I could go to some older products I had entered just weeks prior and there was no issue at all in cloning them. Well after several hours of frustration and brain storming I finally figured out what I was doing that was causing the error.

In the ‘Product Code’ space I was putting the item part number but I was adding a bit of helpful information for those pulling the part by putting a brand name in single quotes i.e. ‘Nike’

Come to find out this was effecting the code somehow when it came to duplicating the item. Once I removed the single quotes/apostrophes, everything went back to working fine again with cloning the item.

Hope that helps someone out.