Field To Mention The Shipping Time

How can we add the data like Ships in 4-5 days so that it displays in the Product Detail page ? Is there any existing field we can use, does CS-CART provide a possibility to add such fields for a Product ?

Hi technoob, sorry mi english is not very good.

I search to implant same hack in product detail but with more options.

with basic functions of cs-cart using features you must display Shipping time.

Promo text allow extra text to display this

advantages: flexibility to display shipping time based you shop stock (24h00 ) or if you send with drop shipping (48h00)

disadvantage : shipping time must diferent if you buy in another's country (user based location), different transport company , different provider if dropshipping or public holiday based calendar.

I was looking this jquery plugin to show estimated delivery dates

You can use the Promo text field. There is also an ability to export and import value of this field. So you can easily add it to all products