Few New Guy Questions

[left]Regarding tabs,[/left]

[left]#1a. I see how to make a new tab for example ‘features’

but I want to make one call specifications[/left]

and have it be an option for each product

for example, on the product page there is a field for descriptions

which of course allows the admin to make an individual description for each product

let’s have right next to the description called specifications

with a field in the product page created by admin so I can make unique specifications for product

please tell me how

[left]1. I want to make the checkbox for compare list and review the check for every new product[/left]

[left]3. I want to edit what goes into the hot deals banner[/left]

[left]4. I want at what goes in the sales banner[/left]

[left](this cannot be every item that it’s on sale, because all our products are reduce price to list price)[/left]

[left]5.the categories and products pages for admin are very long

I found the hidden and deactivate the

I would like to have an option that says, please hide all hidden categories/products[/left]

[left]6. Where can I edit what goes into the brands link and brands banner[/left]

[left]7. in the bottom left-hand, there’s a grid called My accounts[/left]

[left] want to capitalize the a in account / how??[/left]

[left]9. The credit card grid in the bottom right I tried to delete the 2CO icon, and could not / how ??[/left]

[left]10. The free shipping icon, I want to edit the price, How?[/left]

[left]11. It seems as many things are controlled from templates - how can edit the templatea ?[/left]

Here is a good place to start:

[quote name=‘eComLabs’ timestamp=‘1404720597’ post=‘187076’]

Here is a good place to start:

[url=“http://kb.cs-cart.com/”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation


silly me - I read the manual :shock:

but - even after a quick read of the KB

none seemed to anwer my questions

will real ALL KB again slower / then repost my questions individually


(ps - pretty happy so far - even with all default templates etc)