feedback request


I have modified toy_store template for a bicycle store.

No products added yet, but all design/useability related feedback is appreciated:




“Trimiteți comanda” is so light on white background, almost unseen.

“add to cart” (could not copy and paste original text) is a green button with white text, very hard to read.

Footer is way too green, kind of too much of a solid color, to match the rest of the design it needs to be mixed with darker colors a bit more.

In item tabs need darker color of text to stand out more.

Facebook and twitter icons should better be moved elsewhere.

Note that the cart is empty and I cannot proceed to checkout was in a weird place, middle, and was in English.

On the header to the extreme right, the top menu cuts a head of a person, it is a bit unprofessional.

Search is taking too much space, maybe you need to use a more slim wrapper or no wrapper at all.


This dude is way too expensive.

I agree with pretty much everything TexasGuy said. The colors of the text need to contrast a bit more so that they can be read easier.

The only thing I don’t agree with is that I like the green. It’s not the color I’d paint my house, but I think it looks good on your site.


hi, regarding the top-picture, you are right, we are in the process of buying some pics and will change it afterwards.

thanks for all other suggestions, pertinent ones and modified skin accordingly


thanks for your feedback.

As I see it you’re good with CSS so i have a small support question … i think it is sime kind of bug as I did not see this padding in my CSSs

The top menu buttons, several links & buttons on site are having some kind of right padding (buttons became longer and links also) on active state.

Check out the top menu … the buttons on right side of the button in active state are moving right.

I have no clue on where to check it … i tried to modify almost every padding & margin in the CSSs with no luck.

As a hint, I replaced with the old css’s (styles.css and styles.base.css) and I have the same behaviour :frowning:

Any clues?