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I have done a website [url][/url] in CS Cart for one of my client and would like to know what you guys think about the design and performance of over all website. Any feedbacks / criticism is welcome.

You can place test orders but please leave your feedback on this forum.

Thank you very much.



Sorry, my comments before were not intended for this thread. I Apologize.

About your site, could be just two small suggestions.

  1. change the favicon icon in the address bar. It use the regular from cs-cart, but you could place some more related to your logo.
  2. top logo have flexi in orange letter. You could use the same orange or similar instead of the red in the categories bar and the “add to cart” button.

    Impressive work on the information. Great work.

Thank you, any more feedback please?

Any suggestions?

Under the labels categories I get a bit confused. Due to the fact that there is an arrow behind some categories I expected a submenu but nothing like that appears. Usually an arrow points to a submenu. So why do some of them have arrows and others do not. Seem a bit pointless to me (no offense).

That’s the only point I can think of. Everything else looks bloody good:-)!

thank you Martin, any more feedback please?

I Like the template for the product details page where you list all colours and drop down size to just add to cart. did you customise this yourself.

Site is fast too, I am UK.

Well done


Thanks John, we customized this page to make it suitable for requirements.

Your feedback is valuable.

Typo on FAQ Page:

I’ve changed my mind, can I cancel?

Yes, you have full right to cancel your order providing it [COLOR=“Red”]hasn’e[/COLOR] been shipped already. Please contact us to cancel or login into “My Account”.

I Like your contact us page, how did you do it?


Thank JohnCarroll, it is an iframe which is loading a PHP page.

Your feedback is valuable to me.

Your Cart icon in the header is a changes the pointer to “hand” making it look like a link that does nothing.

Cart is empty

remove the class “hand” and it will not change the mouse to POINTER. and stop the look of a link that does nothing.

You have no SSL on your site???


Tony, great points, I will discuss these with my client.

SSL has already been applied for and will be available in a couple of days.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

Anymore feedback please?