Feedback of my site please. Thanks!

Hello Everyone,

We have been working on this site all year. I would love to hear your feedback and recommendations. I’m completely open to suggestions, but don’t be too hard on me, lol.

Thanks guys.

I Like the look somewhat but you need to reduce your image size eg, your header can easily be reduced to about 40kb or less but as it stands it is 269 your bg gif is huuuuge, this can also be reduced massivly these will reduce your page load times dramatically. Also the background images are being scaled from

1,280px × 4,800px (scaled to 137px × 515px), upload them at the proper size of 137x515 this also helps lots.

Wherever you can all images should be uploaded at the size they are needed.

I went to [url][/url]

and got 29 secs for page load?? try it and have a look at where it is slowing down.

I think overlook is good though.


Thanks John for the quick feedback. I will definitely apply what you said. The website you recommended is very neat as well, I’ll use it in the future.

I like the site! Nice short, easy to remember domain and some really cool stuff. From a design standpoint, I think the graphics theme really fits your site very well. I like the design…it stands out. I can see myself spending some cash here. Very well done.

The site seems just a bit on the slow side and kind of gets hung a bit before loading pages. (Using Chrome from eastern U.S.) Also, I’m not a big fan of dark sites but that’s just me. Not that it’s preventing me form looking at all the cool merchandise, but it’s just not my preference. However, it does fit your site and you have a nice design. Overall well done site all around. Congrats!

You should probably consider posting this in the “Advertise Your Site” section of the forum too.


Thank Stu. It’s really nice to hear that you like the site overall. I’m going to work on improving the speed for sure. And I’ll post the link on the advertise section.