Feedback for The Pet Experience


The yellow/blue/gray is really ugly… Im wondering if an all white background would look better than the gray.

I would recommend some Home Page content above the “Hot Deals” block… maybe throw in some animal pics… something to liven up the main page

There’s alot that can be done. Get rid of some of the top quick links. Some are duplicates of what you have already. Instead of imposing colors like the blue header_bg.gif, on to a yellow as you have, try to find a more complimentary set of colors that don’t clash. A helpful site that I use often is [url][/url].

I would lose the sidebox title backgrounds altogether and the red text looks tacky so change it to a #2d2d2d instead. Simplify wherever you can. Remember that this is NOT your final product. I’m sure your customer will have something to say about it, so give him as little as you can but do it well and then build on it. Remember that a little done well is better than a lot that isn’t done well so concentrate on what you feel most passionate about and then work on it until you really like it. You don’t have to do a complete site in a day but you can do a nice simple concept in a few hours.

The header is the most important so spend you time on that. I would put that logo on a white background…very clean and simple. Put the phone number up there as well and maybe a ‘tag’ line that the company uses.

Get rid of that Welcome to the…text. We know where we are or we wouldn’t be there. I’m sure there’s something else to say about the company that would be more catchy and SEO friendly.

Here’s a site I am working on currently [url][/url]. This has taken 4 days to get this far and there’s much more to do even though they only have 8 products.


Nope that’s Montauk Lighthouse just down the road.


Well some sort of thanks would be appropriate on some of the help on previous posts which helped you achieve this via this forum!!!

If your customer is happy then take his money and run!!!

I would get rid of every trace of the blue & gray backgrounds, use all white backgrounds.

Basically, if he won’t consider any of your ideas for design change, then just give him what he wants… (another ugly sight just like his original one) :smiley:

(Of course don’t add it to your portfolio when your done) :wink:

Ya his original site is blinding…

Whatever he wants to pay you for!

Maybe you should have a look at this. It might be very useful: for you and your customers.


Thanks very much :wink: