FedEx Setup Issue

I’m trying to configure FedEx for my shop owner. He doesn’t know his Meter Number, so I’m trying to use the ‘Retrieve Meter Number’ feature. When I submit the info, I immediately go to a ‘Done’ page. Then, I’m redirected back to the FedEx config page with a red error alert in the upper right corner:

HTTPS: libcurl error(3): malformedunable to process subscribe
```[URL=""]This KB page[/URL] has cURL test instructions, and my system checked out fine.[URL=""][/URL]

I know there was a problem on earlier version 2 releases in retrieving the FedEx meter numbers!

I am now on 2.07 & was able to retrieve our meter number fine a week or so ago.

I’m running 2.0.5. Don’t remember which version fixed it?

Nope…been working like a mad man (& short term memory is shot)! :confused:

I am having a similar issue, I am getting a “Account number not in database”

Message, I guess I will have to wait til Monday to call FedEx

Does anyone know which FedEx settings CS-Cart is using by default? I want to display/bill standard retail rates to my customers even though I have an account and meter.

I realize this is an old post, however, in case you didn’t find the answer, CS-Cart returns your contract pricing from FedEx, not the retail shipping rates.

CS-Cart really should allow this to be selectable option so users could decide which rates they wanted to be returned & displayed in the cart.