Fedex Related Question

What is the difference between Fedex Ground and Fedex Home Delivery?

Also how can i add the fedex home delivery as a shipping option?



Fed Ex ground is monday - friday

home is tuesday - saturday and a little less expensive

[quote name=‘fenwick’]Fed Ex ground is monday - friday

home is tuesday - saturday and a little less expensive[/QUOTE]

Thanks fenwick, appreicate the input sir.

Does anyone know how I can add home delivery to my list of shipping options?

I will explain how to set up your CS-Cart with FedEx from the beginning:

  1. Log in your administrator panel and click on the “Shipping settings” link in the “ADMINISTRATION” side box on the right. The “Shipping settings” page will open. Disable “Disable shipping” and “Enable Intershipper” check boxes, select the “Enable FedEx” check box, then click on the “Update” button at the bottom to save the changes.

    After the page reloading click on the “FedEx” tab.

    Fill your FedEx credentials in the “Account number” and “Meter number” fields. For testing purposes please select the “Other packaging” value in “Package type”, the “Regular pickup” value in “Drop Off Type” and enter 10 in each “Width”, “Height” and “Length” fields. Click on the “Update” button to save changes.

    If you don’t have got your own FedEx meter number, you can get it on the same page: fill data in all fields under the “Retrieve meter number” section (the correct value of the Country field is US), select the “Tick off to get meter number” check box, make sure you have entered your FedEx account number and click on the “Update” button at the bottom. If you fill in all fields properly, you own FedEx meter number will be retrieved from FedEx server - “Meter number” will be filled in with your meter number.

    In order to use FedEx real-time shipping calculations, there must be PHP’s Curl support on your server.

  2. Click on the “Shipping methods” link in the “Shipping/taxes” side box on the left. There is the “FedEx 2nd day” shipping method defined by default in standard CS-Cart. For instance, click on the “Edit” button beside “FedEx 2nd day” entry to modify this shipping method or add a new one. Select “Realtime” in the “Rate calculation” field, select “FedEx Home Delivery” in the “Shipping service” field. Click on the “Update” button below the “Available” field.

    Please note that you are able to define shipping charges which will be added to ones returned by real-time shipping service under the “Shipping charges” section.

  3. Test the created shipping method by entering some product weight and clicking on the “Test” button located near the “Shipping service” select box.

    Important: use real recipient and sender addresses for testing (FedEx uses address verification systems).

    Sender address is a company address, that you are able to edit in the “Company” section on the “Settings” page in your administrator panel.

    Recipient address is a customer shipping address.

    I hope this will help you.


That was detailed and to the letter correct, I have fedex now setup thanks to you, but i have noticed that fedex home delivery is not in the drop down list…how do i add in there to allow my customers to select fedex home delivery as their shippment type?



In the “Shipping method” select box on Checkout customers will see all the shipping methods defined on the “Shipping methods” page of your CS-Cart admin panel. Probably, when you set up a shipping method you used the “FedEx 2nd Day” shipping method for setting up your FedEx Home Delivery service? If yes, just rename it on the “Shipping methods” page of your CS-Cart admin panel.