FedEx real time rates

I need some help. For some reason, I'll go into my shopping cart, put an item in cart and get real time FedEx rates and the rates appear. 5 minutes later I go back and do it again and it says that it can't access FedEx (standard error message).

Is this FedEx real time rate thing unreliable? I just can't seem to get it to be reliable enough to count on.

Hello, ckad79!

It may be a total weight problem. When you add a second product, total weight increases and Fedex can't send a rate for it (there may be a limit for a weight). Or please explain your problem in more details.

Best regards, Alt-team

I realize what the problem is. This may apply to others because it's such a simple issue.

When you have items in your cart and change shipping settings, the settings won't apply. You have to remove the contents of the cart and add them again and the new settings will take effect.

That's the case for me.

That should NOT be the case. If in fact you need to remove items from the cart in order to get a new shipping estimate based on new address information then that is a bug and you should report it via the bugtracker.

I have noticed that the shipping estimator does not do a good job of sending newly entered address info as part of the ajax request for a new estimate.