Fedex No Longer Showing As A Shipping Option

In the storefront, FedEx is not longer showing up as a shipping option either when calculating shipping or during checkout. No configuration settings have been changed. Anyone else notice this issue?

In the admin panel check request logs. Check what kind of data is received from Fedex

This is what I see from FedEx:

Requests (http/https request)
Request: 'xmlns="">xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRates Requestcrs1800REQUEST_COURIERSMART_POSTYOUR_PACKAGINGUSDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSSan JoseCA95124UStrueSENDERxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPREFERRED111LB1.4000IN'
Response: xmlns="">ERRORERRORcrs997SmartPost indicia type is invalid or missing.SmartPost indicia type is invalid or missing.Rates Requestcrs1800

I do not know what does the "SmartPost indicia type is invalid or missing" error means. Try to contact FedEx support team at first

In case anyone else runs into this same issue, here's the responses from support:

FedEx support said:

The problem with this request is that you are requesting SmartPost service but there are not SmartPost details supplied in the request. The request I am seeing shows that your application is not sending SmartPost details. If this is not supplied, you will request an error. Unfortunately I cannot say exactly how you would need to fix your application, but we are not receiving this information from you. If we do not receive it in the request, the request will not be successful.

So I contact CS-Cart support and was told this:

Unfortunately, it seems that the issue is caused by a bug in the current version of CS-Cart. Our engineers are working on it and I will contact you as soon as I get any result from them.

Please let me note that we now have official bug fixing time-frames. You can find the information about them in the article on the following page:

This bug relates to the Minor severity so the maximum waiting time is 45 days. We apologize for any possible inconvenience.

Thank you for keeping us updated. Hope your post will be helpful for someone.