FedEx Configuration 2.1.3

Hello All-

I am having trouble configuring FedEx with 2.1.3. I’ve obtained the test meter #, account #, test authentication code and password. I am getting a “Error 1000 Authentication Failed”.

I called FedEx and they have requested I email this this error coding to them. Does anyone know where it is located?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Hi Carol! :cool:

We are not currently using Fedex any longer as we have switched all to UPS, so I can’t verify any Fedex specific settings for you.

However from past experience you are most likely best to enter the actual live rate server & your actual account details and forget about any test related Fedex settings. Then after you enter a complete verified shipping address within your Admin>Settings>Default Location, you can accurately test any of the realtime shipping methods you have setup. (Just remember to remove these “Default Location” address details other than leaving the country set at United States when you are finished testing!)

Also CS staff has been updating the knowledgebase quite quickly to match the latest version specific instructions, so just in case you haven’t seen the latest details for setting up Fedex in 2.1.3, here you go:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

PS: I have checked out your site & will definitely be needing some pond supplies if & when the ice ever melts! :wink:

PSS: I think if you go to Administration>Logs>Settings (Then enable http/Https Requests) then the Fedex rate request errors may be displayed for you. Then disable these after you are finished troubleshooting or your log files will blowup! Someone can correct me if there is a better way to obtain these error log entries.


Thanks for your recommendations. Will try those today. I have UPS configured but there seems to be quite a discrepency in shipping prices between UPS and FedEx-with FedEx being more accurate. Have you or anyone noticed this?

Thank you


Hi C,

[QUOTE]I have UPS configured but there seems to be quite a discrepency in shipping prices between UPS and FedEx-with FedEx being more accurate.[/QUOTE]

We are currently using UPS and returning negotiated rates, the charges have been spot on the money. I performed hours of very specific shipment rate testing during the 2.1.3 Beta release with both verified commercial as well as residential address scenarios.

One important issue to keep in mind while testing/comparing rates is that UPS automatically determines if the address is Commercial or Residential and returns the rate accordingly. Fedex does not do this so all rates returned by Fedex will be based upon a Commercial delivery address. This is why there is now a setting in 2.1.3 related to Fedex to allow your customers to select their address type when using Fedex as your carrier.

Hope this helps! :wink:

Thanks Struck-

I have nixed FedEx for now and am using UPS. So, essentially, I didn’t get FedEx configured properly. I drop ship so it’s just important to have an accurate shipping quote.

Thank you;)


Hi Precious,

Considering you are mostly drop-shipping, I believe you made the best choice considering the automatic residential vs. commercial address detection is now in place with UPS, and I am sure that situation has cost you in the past when your UPS bill arrived!

And also because far more companies do still choose UPS for their parcel deliveries over Fedex, so your rates will be returned more accurately as to how your packages are actually being shipped. In otherwords, would not be a good idea to have Fedex Ground rates returned to your store when the majority of your suppliers are actually shipping via UPS, you get the point!

Glad if I was able to help! :wink: